Monday, December 17, 2012

Customizing my pony boots!

Such a ninja photo.

For long I have been planning on pimping out my other pair of pony boots, and now the time has come for me to start pimpin' the living shiat out of them! I'm just not sure if I should use rhinestones or spikes. Spikes are so cliché these days though. But it would look SO amazing. The rhinestones would be electric blue, or black, or both. Decisions! Difficultness! We'll see what I'll be doing. I really wouldn't be using my pony boots when its winter here so I'm not really in any rush to get them done, but it would be lovely to get them even started.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blow-white Vagina

More shopping!

I have for a while been hunting for a white, yes a white eyeshadow. And I think I have found the right one for now. I decided to check out Make up Store's eyeshadows at the same time I went to buy some hair spray. They had the whitest of white, not overly pigmented, just perfect. I won't be using it as an eyeshadow though, more as a contour. I am so pale, so it is quite difficult to find contour colours for myself.

Now my both contour colours are by Make up Store! So yay! The White is completely matt, but Moonstone has shimmer in it, glitter!
Also all my blue eyeshadows are by them. I wish I had more by them though, I have started to like Make up Store more and more. I wish they didn't have such idiotic sellers though at their stores, I cannot stand girls who think they know all about make up when they look like oompa loompas.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday brunch shopping!

Me, shopping? Well I never!
So, I went shopping, wasn't looking for anything in particular, so just wandered around and decided to check out if Alexander McQueen has anything new. On my birthday, my husband asked me if I wanted a scarf by McQueen, or if I wanted the JUMPIN, I chose the JUMPIN, because it wasn't scarf season yet! So I just thought I'd go and get it later, well suprise, they never restocked them at Stockmann. Anyway, to my suprise, they just had added some new clothes, AND with my size! So I bought a black tank top. They had it in white as well, but hmm, I prefer the black one. I also looked at Versace, found a few cute shirts, and guess what? NOT IN MY SIZE. Why is there always only one S-size? Gah.

I also bought my second glass skull (The red one) by Kosta Boda. 'Still Life Skull' is designed by Ludvig Löfgren. I intend to collect all four colours! They come in Green, red, purple and clear. I also collect Kosta Boda's brick series. I'll be writing about the brick design later on. I just love love these skulls, ridiculously amazingly cozy. Löfgren has also designed solid skulls with top hats in three different colours, blood, absinth and opium. Will be getting the Absinth soon as well.

Until next time, FUCKINA XXO

Friday, December 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton and Chanel

Okay! Now it is finally time for the christmas present blog! Sponsored so not by Louis Vuitton.
As for years, I have bought my mother christmas and birthday presents from Louis Vuitton, and to no suprise, I did it this year again. Only this time, it is getting a lot more difficult to know what to buy for my mom. She already has 5 bags, wallet, scarves, accessories, etc. by LV. So what the heck to get her? After a long discussion with one of the sellers (who was very kind!), we managed to find her golden&wooden hair clip at the store. I thought it wasn't enough for her, so I went to get something from Chanel. So that should do it for her this year! 

For my beloved Mother!
 And what would a Louis Vuitton shopping trip be without getting anything for myself?! HUH?! I was looking for a new scarf for myself for the winter, and god damn, I managed to find the perfect scarf for myself! The Cardiff Scarf in Cris Rouge. 75% Wool and  25% Angora. So warm! I just might go and buy the same scarf but in another colour. I love it in black as well.

For my beloved self

I am again returning to the Helsinki Louis Vuitton soon, as I am getting my christmas present. As my mother said " get what ever your heart desires " so I shall!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whoa well hello!

Damn, it has been a while since I last wrote a blog huh? Well, now I am back, again. for a while. back. Anyway!

How have I been? Well, damn busy! I have been so busy with numerous things, I can't even start to explain! But now, finally I have got time to resume writing blogs again. Halloween parties, illness, orgies, christmas shopping and so on.

Brutally molested!!
So, let's begin with the halloween party, now shall we? I was invited to a halloween party, organized by my friends. I was, of course quite excited about the halloween event! I really didn't know what to dress up as, so I almost ended up as not going at all. But luckily I did, after I heard there would be two other drags/crossdressers there. So I had to just let them have it! Nobody said that men can't dress slutty on halloween? -wink-
The apartment was just absolutely ghoulishly stunning! I loved the atmosphere there. I barely knew anyone there when I arrived. But it was alright! So I had some snacks and re-checked my make-up etc. before my other friends arrived. Everything went fine actually, until people started getting too drunk. Which of course, got quite out of hand. People started arguing, childishly trying to boss around others etc. you know the drift. The most ironic part of the whole night was that girls (THE LESBIANS. FUCK!) started hitting on me. At first I thought it was just all fun, but then it started getting annoying. One couple had an argument at some point, and then one of the girls came over and started hitting on me (trying to make her girlriend jealous). Either they didn't know that I am a man, or the fact that they are turned on by a transvestite.

More bubble tea. MORE YES! FUCK ME NOW! As everyone knows who reads my blog, I am quite obsessed with Bubble tea. I mean seriously. Just last week I had 3 bubble teas, with three different friends. I'm such a whore.

Until next time fuckinas, xoxo

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