Monday, October 1, 2012

I am a pussy

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Yes, yes you are a pussy! Anyway! Weekend blogging and barfs. The past two weeks has been quite a blur for me, to be honest. Days just went by, and bam! My wisdom tooth gets pulled out. Yay for that one. I, of course went comfort shopping right after that with my squirrel friend, das Joni. As I have already mentioned, I am so f*cking obsessed with Bubble Tea, so we went to get ourselves some BUBBLE TEAH!

Feat. Joni's gorgeous legs.
After our delightful gossip, we headed towards lush, and I, myself, and herself, bought products from lush, yet again. Completely madly obsessed with lush currently. Oh and, Joni showed me something what was in the magazine.. (picutre on the right, obviously.)
Marilyn & Mask of Magnaminty

On the weekend I also bought my mom a birthday present from Louis Vuitton. Last year I bought her a wallet from there, so this time I decided to get her some jewelry. She did indeed like Yayoi Kusama's designs so, I bought her the limited edition bracelet.

What else is there to mention? Nothing else really, been in a coma for a few days so there is really nothing to report. Anyway, until next time. XX

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