Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'She looks better than a 10 inch cock and you know it!' Part 2

If you know where that line is from, 10 Vagina points for you!

And now, for the second part of my blog. Over the summer I've been quite busy to be honest, with a lot of things, and health being one of those yet again. But luckily I am feeling a lot bette now. But that is thank to no doctor though. I have never experienced a doctor like that who I went to. Did not listen to anything I had to say, kept babbling about irrelavent stuff, if I wanted to go to a psychologist and talk. Yes, that will help my condition quite a bit thank you.

I have a phone call with this doctor later about my tests, which I knew wouldn't tell anything, and he said everything is alright, this is it. The amount of unprofessionalism was just hilarious. I told him quite frankly, if he wants me to report him to the health care authorities, by all means, be a douche. He changed his tone and took me serious.

Anyway, skipping a few months foward!

I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and finally I saw The Knife live at the Flow Festival. And boy do I have something to say about the live. I will try my best to stay as a lady and not start cussing everyone out. The beginning of the show, my god what was this person thinking? Look at this video here, it is the person in the beginning with his so called warm up. I have never been so ashamed in my life, my god it was horrible, i was sweating because I was so embarrassed. Anyway, after the clown went, The Knife came on stage, or so I thought. Karin did appear, but olof was no-where to be seen. Everything started quite nicely, until they removed every instrument they played, after that it became a lipsyncing pre-recorded show with a bunch dancers doing christ knows what. People actually started leaving, and I was about to as well. Nothing really made sense what they did, completely ridiculous, and before any hipster dipshit says I'm not artistic enough to understand, I highly recommend you to kiss my arse.
Anyway, the show ended, people clapped for an encore, and guess what? They did not come back, not even to say thank you. I wasted so much money to see a polyester circus on stage. NEXT.

A few days ago I actually had my first alcohol drink this year, god damn, I got tipsy after drinking half a glass of cassis orange, But fuck it! Watched Showgirls, which may I add, is an AMAZING movie.

Thats about it, until part 3!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Reincarnation of the Vagina Part 1


It has been quite a while since we last saw, right? There are a lot of things which has happened in my life which has affected me. One of those reasons why I didn't continue writing blogs, and also the fact that I didn't think my blog was intresting enough or well, personal enough. I do not even know where to begin, what to say or what to show. I guess I could start with the biggest reason why I stopped writing a blog was because, as some of you may know, I had a stencil tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. I took it last year from a person I cannot name yet, even though how much I want to tell everyone this person's name and where he currently works. But when everything is over, his name will be released here and amongst other sites. But anyway, as the tattoo faded, I had to get it re-inked. This is when my world came tumbling down. He ruined it. It was so ruined it could not be fixed. I showed it to most popular tattoo shops in Helsinki, they all said it is not fixable, laser was my only option. 

I have to had it 8 times lasered off, and I have to thank CityKlinikka for their amazing service, they have a customer for life. Everytime I need a nip and tuck, I'll be at their clinic. The person actually blamed me for the failed tattoo, as this was what I was asking for. I cannot understand who in their right mind would say something like this? He payed for the first 4 laser treatments, but refused to refund my money for the tattoo in the end. I have taken the case to competition and consumer authority. But this is all I can say now about the case.

After 8 lasers, I went to the best tattoo artist in Helsinki who specializes in pin-up girls and faces, as you clearly can see, he knows what he is doing. Words cannot express how grateful I am, if you are reading this Jan, I just am thankful, so very thankful. Jan works at Liskogalleria in Helsinki, so please, go check the shop out. They all are amazing and very professional.

I am so happy all this is over, and finally can expose my arms in public again. I am already planning on getting Betty Page on my other arm, two most gorgeous women on my arms, two most inpsirational women, two most feminine.

As a young boy, I looked up to several drag queens, and minf you, this was many years before any kind of RuPaul's Drag Race, I finally met one of those idols, Miss Sherry Vine. I cannot describe the feeling, that she actually came and talked with me, and signed my DR.A.G. book. A friend of mine told her before going backstage that there is a fan who wants to meet you. She did not go to the backstage after her show, but started to look for me. I am still gobsmacked. Still after these months.


Ah, what else could I write on this part one out of three? Hmm, I think I'll leave something else for the other parts as well. I hope you enjoyed this blog entry. I think it is a bit more personal, and real, for a change.

Until next time, XX

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