Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates on Miss Vagina

Hello darlings,

Yes, I know it yet again been a while since I blogged last, but I really haven't had access to the computer, until now. And oddly enough, I've managed quite well without having internet. As my summerjob ends in 2 weeks, I shall continue avoiding the internet, I'll just be blogging and reading and replying to emails. Quite happy with this decision really, and I think, I really needed this kind of change as well. But anyway, let's talk about something more exciting and moist!

So, a few days ago my mother bought.. a Louis Vuitton handbag. I've always been against those dreadful bags! But she still went on buying one of those darn bags, I even tried to brainwash her in to buying a Chanel hangbag instead, but no, she has the LV virus. At this point, I do have to confess.. I am getting a LV handbag as well. Shocking, yes, I know. Now I will turn in to one of those tasteless fashion whores as well. OH ALAS! But, do not fear; I found the most amazing high heels the other day, and holy sweet jesus I have to say, they are so f*cking gorgeous. I will be posting photos of them when I will get them! I promise you, you will GAG.

In the following month, I shall be travelling to Helsinki to meet a dear friend of mine; Joni. I really can't wait to meet him, been ages since I last saw him. As a fierce cunt, I'm already planning my outfits for the different days I shall be staying there. I will personally gag every citizen of Helsinki with my fashion and style. So be prepared! What else will be done in the near future.. Oh, I'm planning on re-doing my layout yet again. But before that I have to have a new photoshoot, and try out my new lashes I bought. I so hope they will work out fine, since, without them, I'm screwed. Argh! 

Oh dear, this was one of those longer blogs, but until next time, xoxo gossip Vagina

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Queef" the brand new Fragrance by Hello Vagina!

The title of course was inspired by the very famous deodorant Pussy Wind by Hello Kitty! When I do get famous, this shall be my perfume's name, "Queef". I'll be squirting my queefs all over everyone. CARE TO SMELL MY QUEEF? Its really delicious.

Today, a fat and ugly 58 year old tried to insult me when I didn't want to get to know him by sending me this very lovely message:

oh , then all the propaganda we hear in this country about how Euroeans are all SO OPEN MINDED , is precisely that,
BS !

First of all, does he really think he could have any kind of chance with me? Or merely me being intrested in an old fart? And second of all, this is the best he could come up with? OH DAMN.. I am representing the whole fucking European population DON'T HATE ME :( I'm just a cold and unfriendly bitch. GUUUUUURL PLEASE. 

If I wanted company of an old fart, I'd just pass gas and that would be simple as that, but thats merely the point.

I thought I'd just share this with my beloved readers that hey, I'm one cold and unfriendly European!! Watch out.

Today's Moistness song:
Dana International - I'm Gonna Let

XO XO Gossip Vagina
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