Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vagina Galore's Secret Diet!


I have decided to share of my secrets on how I stay thin.
This is what I eat on regular basis:
Deep fried onion rings, cucumber mayonnaise and bacon hamburgers.

Hey, what did you expect? -wink-

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shemale Fashion! Feat. Zola Jesus

(c) TaruaPhotography
Isn't this coat just heaven? I absolutely love it. I wore this almost exact outfit to ZOLA JESUS live here in Helsinki. I will be posting more photos from the photoshoot later on, there are some hawt hawt hawt photos coming! Almost XXX rated kind! Well, no not really, but a lot of bare skin. -wink-

I'm still in awe that I actually managed to see Zola Jesus live. (Yes, the live was 2 months ago, but still..) I was in front row with my gal pals Joni and Mattiina. We had a blast! Just before we were about to leave, finally Nika came, and I managed to get her autograph on my gatefold LP. I was the happiest shemale that night. Nika was just so full of energy, she even jumped in the crowd and started dancing amongst us. I hope she'll come back to Finland as soon as possible!

Does anyone of you enjoy Zola Jesus?

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