Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Genesis & filthy drinks


Grimes is coming to Helsinki on 24th of November! Gah, I actually thought she'd come next month, but when I find out that it is first on November, my cunt quite dried up. I hate waiting. I am quite obsessed with Brooke Candy as well, she looks so fucking amazing in the video (click).

Brooke Candy 
Ugh, she is just so gorgeously fabulous. I don't even remember how many times I've watched the video. Gawd dangit, just look at her! Delicious.

Yesterday, I hanged out with my dearest squirrel-friend, Joni, we had such a blast! (Yes, I sadly still use that word these days.) We ate chinese, then went for some CD hunting, and of course, I couldn't find anything I wanted. Been searching TRUST's TRST album for ages, still nothing. I guess I have to order it online. meh.
After that we went to a new tea bar,which just opened. 'Bubble Tea' ... Yes indeed, was quite.. psychodelic to be honest, and I loved it. I ordered mango tea with.. I have no f*cking clue what those black jelly balls were called. Anyway, DELISH!

After our perverted journey through the bubble tea experience, we headed towards LUSH. I've heard so much about LUSH over the few months, so now, I just had to check out what the fuzz was all about. And gurlfriend, I was completely mesmerized. I loved the store! I bought right away tub of body scrub. RUB RUB RUB!

I actually, well, of course I tried it out the same day. It smells dreadfully amazing! Even my boyfriend liked it, so haay. My body will be just sicknin' after a few rubs here and there!

Until next time, FUCKINA XOXO

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfumed cunt

Yes! Yet another search keyword title!

So, I went shopping today with my boyfriend, and we both were looking for some new electronical gadgets for our gamer computers! I finally managed to find a mouse which is f*cking amazing. Look at it! Fierce! The mouse is by Cyborg, and the model is R.A.T 3.  (link to their website) It has a 2 year warranty as well, so it is pretty bad arse. Kindly read more about their products on their website, especially if you're into the cyborg themed stuff. I really have nothing negative to say about the mouse, it is just, perfect. I already played World of Warcraft with it, and soon I'll try it out with Unreal Tournament 3. (Yes, I am quite a bad ass chick with a dick.)

I later on, just by 'accident' stumbled into The Body Shop. (They had a huge sale going on.) So I bought this Olive shower gel, can't wait to try it out. It smells deliciously orgasmic! I also know it will make my skin soft as a baby's butt, so yay.
What else, well, there was a crazy lady on the tram today, so we actually got off, switched to another because I couldn't stand her nonsense talking. Gave me a dreadful headache! Oh, and on a sidenote, girls, a handbag isn't a person, so out of your humble kindness, put it on your lap so others can sit as well. Especially for those who'm are pregnant or elderly. I already quite loudly pointed out that the overly painted girl has an imaginary friend sitting right next to her. Chew on that, twat.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Illness and desperate queefs

So, I'm ill. FUN! Been ill for 5 days now, and now I'm finally feeling better, but still, so freaking annoying. It is such a lovely weather outside and I'm stuck inside, watching movies and eating. Boyfriend is at University currently so I'm all alone! ALONE! BAH! So I've been reading a book about the final years of Marilyn Monroe (by Keith Badman) and all I have to say, it is absolutely brilliantly written and researched. I warmly recommend to all Marilyn fans! What else has been going on, well nothing really, except drinking a lot of tea!

Hospital trip!
Feat. Boyfriend's leg.
The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe

So, as promised, here is a photo of me wearing my JUMPIN! I've been wearing it every night since I got it. It is just so comfy and warm and all that smexy stuff! They are quite pricy, but worth it! I start to sound like one of those saleswomen? JUMPIN KINDLY CONTACT ME -wink hint wink-

Natural Vs. Photoshop. 
DAMN I'm skilled. 

Make-up used: 

Clarins - Copper shimmers 04
Clarins - Shine stopper 10 beige transparent
Dior - Fond De Taint  202
MAC - Carbon
GOSH - 12 Aqua
Maybelline - Intense XXL Volume + Length

I finally managed to find a use for the extremely shitty GOSH eyeshadow! I wanted to play around with more natural look (As natural as it can get with a gal like me that is) I decided to put the eyeshadow underneath my lower lashline. and BAM! gorgeous.

Blush and contour done, used colours from my 120-Palette. And lashes are from eBay! Love those 99cent lashes gurlfriend.

Monday, September 10, 2012

embarrasing penis pictures [sic]

Two, very embarassing penises.

Wow, this was a shock indeed! You, you who ever searched for this and reached my blog, damn. I, well, wow. I'm quite stunned, and especially by the fact that my photo can be found in the images section. Hurray for me I guess!

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Barfday & KAYA Fan meeting

So, my birthday (aka barfday) was on August 20th, and I turned 69 years old, for the fifth time this year. My boyfriend took me on a long nice walk in a park. It was truly wonderful! If you exclude the hobos. Then he took me shopping! He knew I wanted a ONEPIECE and a Alexander McQueen scarf, so he asked me to choose which one I'd want. After a long thought, I wanted the ONEPIECE. Oh and by the way, big f*ck you to ONEPIECE, update your f*cking information. Thank you. So after searching for the shop which isn't there anymore, we decided to go to the JUMPIN shop instead (webshop), they were so kind and helpful there so thank you! I love my JUMPIN onepiece. I am wearing it right now! I'll be posting some cute kawaii photos of myself later on. I recieved a few days later a such a wonderful gift from my gorgoeus friends Tuuli and Ásta. I have been trying to find the coat everywhere, and they kindly, got it for me for my barfday, so thank you very much indeed.

On 25th of August (Yes, I'm fucking late with this blog!) KAYA came to Finland to meet his fans, and gurlfriend, I have waited for this day for 6 long years. He has tried numerous times to come and do a live show in Finland but as the JaME and J-Rock Suomi never bothered to respond to his mails, he never had the chance to come. (I have discussed with KAYA himself about this matter, so a big f*ck you to J-Rock Suomi) As I suspected, the staff there told us that KAYA would only sign items which were bought at the meeting. Well, I didn't obey their f*cked up rules, so as I was waiting for my turn with my roses in right hand,  and the KAYA CD and SCHWARZ STEIN DVD in the other, I, as a sneaky tranny, put my RUDOLF STEINER demotape underneath them to hide it. (Since, yet again, the f*cktards looked what you brought up on stage.) I talked with KAYA, and in the middle, I kindly asked if he could sign the demotape, in shock and awe that I had the demotape, he kindly signed it. I didn't let any kind of J-Rock Suomi tards ruin my day, so I did I had to do. (Ironically, after the meeting, they posted on their facebook page about trying to get KAYA to do a live show in Helsinki. Really? Who are you going to fool? I know exaclty what you guys are all about.) Anyway, it was a perfect day, I had two of my close friends with me that day.

 Anyway, toodles for now! x

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