Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Genesis & filthy drinks


Grimes is coming to Helsinki on 24th of November! Gah, I actually thought she'd come next month, but when I find out that it is first on November, my cunt quite dried up. I hate waiting. I am quite obsessed with Brooke Candy as well, she looks so fucking amazing in the video (click).

Brooke Candy 
Ugh, she is just so gorgeously fabulous. I don't even remember how many times I've watched the video. Gawd dangit, just look at her! Delicious.

Yesterday, I hanged out with my dearest squirrel-friend, Joni, we had such a blast! (Yes, I sadly still use that word these days.) We ate chinese, then went for some CD hunting, and of course, I couldn't find anything I wanted. Been searching TRUST's TRST album for ages, still nothing. I guess I have to order it online. meh.
After that we went to a new tea bar,which just opened. 'Bubble Tea' ... Yes indeed, was quite.. psychodelic to be honest, and I loved it. I ordered mango tea with.. I have no f*cking clue what those black jelly balls were called. Anyway, DELISH!

After our perverted journey through the bubble tea experience, we headed towards LUSH. I've heard so much about LUSH over the few months, so now, I just had to check out what the fuzz was all about. And gurlfriend, I was completely mesmerized. I loved the store! I bought right away tub of body scrub. RUB RUB RUB!

I actually, well, of course I tried it out the same day. It smells dreadfully amazing! Even my boyfriend liked it, so haay. My body will be just sicknin' after a few rubs here and there!

Until next time, FUCKINA XOXO

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