Tuesday, January 22, 2013

when womens pussys go wild [sic]

Oh my god! Who searches for these things and then ends up on my blog?! A-mazeballs. I've been really busy lately again. So now I finally have some time to relax, for even a brief moment. So here I am, writing yet another amazing blog for ya'lls. Last saturday, my friend Mattiina celebrated her barfday with a BEND YOUR GENDER event. What would a tranny party be without me? Nothing!

It was cold as a... frozen carrot here. Thank lawd jesus I didn't freeze to death outside when I left for the party. Above you can see my outfit! And Look at that waist! GOD DAMN. I still miss my old waist, but we're getting there again!

I wore just a simple top underneath, nothing that fancy. Within the last few seconds before I left, I grabbed my mourning fascinator, and put in on! I was already dressed in all black so, hey why not?

The evening went well, had lots of fun and met my friends there and all that shits and giggles. I stayed sober the whole party, as almost always, but yet, somehow I managed to break off my bead necklace. What the hell. Also, I won't be posting ANY photos of me from the party, because, well, I look like I have had at least 5 bottles of red wine. But netherless, fun times! If we ignore the shady situations. -winks-

On sunday, I started to feel a bit ill, and it just got a lot more worse, and BAM today, I ended up visiting the hospital yet again. New medication for Miss Vagina! I am seriously getting fed up with my health. Anyone want to swap?

So, now I am home, drinking lots of tea, and undergoing some heavy therapy by listening to Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows. I don't really think there is much else to mention currently, so until next time, XOXO. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Evolution of Vagina

Lately, I have been quite nostalgic for the few past days. Listening to music I used to listen to back then, and watch those old videos on YouTube. Which, well actually molded the Vagina Galore you see today. There's two songs in particular which made the biggest impackt on my life as Vagina Galore. Those two songs are:

A few days ago, someone actually searched for 15 years old Vagina Galore, and that yet again sparked another nostalgic moment, so hence why I am actually writing this blog. I'm not sure if I'll regret showing some of these photos later, but currently, I don't mind.

So, here is one of the earliest photos of me, as Vagina Galore. There are of course some others, but christ jesus almighty, I shan't show you those. I think I was around 16-17 when this photo was taken. Clearly, I had no clue on how to paint back then.

A few months or a year? later, I grew my nails this long. Yes, they are actually my real nails. I cannot understand how the hell I managed to put my false eyelashes on with those. But apparently I did! My painting skills are a lot better in this photo though. Still had a long way to go.

Make-up is much more improved in these photos. Started experimenting with more colourful eyeshadows etc. Still, at this point, I didn't contour my face at all. No highlighting either so, yes. 

One of the final photos of me taken before I moved to Kauniainen with Joni. (We both later moved to Helsinki after half a year) At this point, I started understanding a lot more how my face works with what make up, and exactly how I should dress for my body type. 

I wish I had more photos to show, from the old days, but hence my laptop's hard drive died a while back, there is no way to recall those old memories. Before I didn't really mind it, because I never looked at them, but now, I would have been quite happy, if I had them infront of me. 

I think that is all for now, until next time. x

Saturday, January 12, 2013

fat girl in heel less shoe [sic]

 Yep, another search keyword title! Quite a few people came across my blog by searching this. Do I really look like a fat girl?

A few days back, I went shopping. Good old shopping! I saw yet again this mickey mouse t-shirt at Zara, and, well, it is quite psychedelic, and I love it. So therefore I just had to buy it. What do you think? Also my new Marilyn Monroe tattoo can be seen. It is not finished yet, so I will be doing a blog entry just about my tattoo later.

What a flattering photo.

And later on, I moved towards Stupido Records shop, I had ordered Fever Ray's album there, and it was such a pain to even get this record, rude customer service etc. So as I went to look for the LP, thank god it had arrived. Now I don't have to visit that place anymore. There's plently of other shops in Helsinki.

Fever Ray - Fever Ray

Few days later, I went on a long, horny and erotical coffee date with my close friend Tuuli. We haven't had the chance to meet before or after christmas because we both were so busy, and the fact that I was ill for over a week. We went to Fazer's to have coffee and tea. I recieved this absolutely adorable cupcake soap from The Soap Boutique. Isn't it just cute?! I don't know if Tuuli was hinting that I should shower more often or what...

Today, I woke up to THIS. A trashbag thrown in MY f*cking garden. Thank you neighbour, was a pleasure to clean the mess up, especially when I just woke up. If I will find out who did this, I will personally deliver your trash to your door.

Anyway, after cleaning up the shit, I went to Subway to eat breakfast with my best squirrelfriend Joni. We had quite a lot of fun, like really. I think I'll write a blog about that later! But before that, look at this photo below. Two girls walked infront of us, and then.. One of the girls had.. Something between her legs. Someone's on their periods?

I'm SUCH a stalker.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scent of Desperation

Happy queefidays! I hope you had a delightful Christmas (etc.) I've been quite busy the last two weeks with all the holiday shopping and what nots. And now, to top off everything, I am ill! How about that. Just got home to my apartment after visiting my parents, BAM I become ill. Oh well! Anyway, let's get started, shall we?

We've had a lot of snow here in Helsinki, I mean a lot. Seriously a lot. Snow is alright in moderate quantities. But not this much. As you can see from the pictures below.

The buses were seriously late, traffic jams, bitter people, you name it! We had it all. Luckily now the weather is getting warmer, so soon the snow will melt. Woop! (it is actually melting as I am typing! YES!)

I got the Louis Vuitton bag I've drooled after for a while as a christmas present, along with money, Agatha Christie books (now I currently have »58« books by her. 1st editions etc., in Swedish, English and Finnish.)
Also a Marilyn Monroe painting.

Icare Damier Graphite

And now finally to explain the title of this blog. As I was visiting my parents, one of my close friends asked me one day, if we'd go out. A tiny ass town, and one bar, sounds like fun! So I said let's go, I had nothing better to do. As we arrived, the smell of DESPERATION hit my face, along with dirty and sweaty men. As we arrived, one of our friend came with her friends there, so we talked and so on. I noticed one of her friends, was, well, really painted. I mean, really. But that was that, UNTIL, she started interrupting every conversation we tried to have. Everything had to be about her. But you know,let the white trash have her show. I was done.
Anyway, later on, as another friend of ours arrived, I noticed he had someone with him, didn't really pay any attention to him/her. I noticed my close friend started winking at me, trying desperately tell me something, I was like gurl, what? Anyway, as we left for Subway, she told me it was one of my ex friends who walked in with our mutual friend. I was like no way, started laughing my arse off. I didn't recognize that backstabber at all! Hi-larious.

She, literally looked like this!

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