Tuesday, January 22, 2013

when womens pussys go wild [sic]

Oh my god! Who searches for these things and then ends up on my blog?! A-mazeballs. I've been really busy lately again. So now I finally have some time to relax, for even a brief moment. So here I am, writing yet another amazing blog for ya'lls. Last saturday, my friend Mattiina celebrated her barfday with a BEND YOUR GENDER event. What would a tranny party be without me? Nothing!

It was cold as a... frozen carrot here. Thank lawd jesus I didn't freeze to death outside when I left for the party. Above you can see my outfit! And Look at that waist! GOD DAMN. I still miss my old waist, but we're getting there again!

I wore just a simple top underneath, nothing that fancy. Within the last few seconds before I left, I grabbed my mourning fascinator, and put in on! I was already dressed in all black so, hey why not?

The evening went well, had lots of fun and met my friends there and all that shits and giggles. I stayed sober the whole party, as almost always, but yet, somehow I managed to break off my bead necklace. What the hell. Also, I won't be posting ANY photos of me from the party, because, well, I look like I have had at least 5 bottles of red wine. But netherless, fun times! If we ignore the shady situations. -winks-

On sunday, I started to feel a bit ill, and it just got a lot more worse, and BAM today, I ended up visiting the hospital yet again. New medication for Miss Vagina! I am seriously getting fed up with my health. Anyone want to swap?

So, now I am home, drinking lots of tea, and undergoing some heavy therapy by listening to Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows. I don't really think there is much else to mention currently, so until next time, XOXO. 

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