Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh my Gosh! Well no, not really.

Holographic Silver
So! Hallelujah! Praise be the lawd Jesus and all that! My very first make up product review! I was really excited about doing these since I've been buying a lot of make up lately. But this first one.. Is not really a positive review. I thought that these two Gosh eyeshadows I bought will be really amazing, but..

I've used Gosh nail polishes before, and was quite excited about getting the  Aqua eyeshadow and effect powder holographic silver. Since their nail polishes were so pigmented and amazing. But these products on the other hand are just absolutely rubbish. Even though I saw swatches of the Holographic Silver, which obviously looked amazing, but then I found out that the girl obviously just poured the whole fucking jar on her hand and said it is very pigmented. A big fuck you to you for that. ^.~ The powder is just used on top of your eyeshadow, and thats pretty much it. It doesn't even stick to your skin without any god damn primers. (And mind you, I have other glitters, and they stick to my lids like glue.)

And now for the pixie fart eyeshadow called aqua. I think they completely forgot to add colour to it. It looks absolutely delicious in the eyeshadow holder, but when you apply it to your skin, it just looks like a pixie farted. White with some blue-ish green added. Brilliant! What the hell do I do with such low-pigmented crap? Even the 120 colour palette from eBay is more pigmented than that is, AND IT WAS CHEAPER AND FROM F*CKING HONG KONG.

I was planning on buying the Steel effect powder, but now, I most likely won't unless I'll find it on a sale and try it out.

Gosh, you really dissapointed me.

Hello Vagina part 2

Okay betch, this blog will be one of those, ranting blogs, mkay?

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with a close friend of mine and of course with my new LV bodybag. (Aka weekend bag) And as I was waiting for my friend, two skanky emo girls stopped right infront of me and started staring like fatty seeing cupcakes. Eyeing me, my bag, and then me again, I was like, ' take a picture? ' They still kept looking and I was like seriously now? After a while they moved on, and then, wait for it! A girl who thought she was just beyond fashion and kept shouting out her amazing chocolate bar diet! After she saw my bag, she looked at me if I was like trash. And that enough for me, I shouted at my friend ' let's go, these shady bitches are getting on my nerves '

I was so tempted to shout at her and say gurl, it aint my fault a person like yourself cannot afford a bag like this, okay? But I'm a lady! So alas, I didn't say anything. So we went to the cashier and all that, and as I was walking to the ATM, these two cunts re-appeared infront of me and tried walking over me, and at this point, I swore at them. ^_^ But wait, this is still not over!!

At the ATM, I was taking out cash, a woman behind me kept sighing overly loud and of course in the most fake way possible. As I walked towards her, (she kept looking at my LV) I said, if I hear you sigh one more time, I will smack you with my bag. After that I went to buy some Rosé wine for myself.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vagina On a Three-way Call

I finally recieved my shoes for my amazing trip to Helsinki later this month. I began to get nervous about it getting lost in the mail, but thankfully a.. not so moist mailwoman brought it to the door just 30 minutes ago. I do have to say, gurl, the shoes are just beyond amazing, only thing though is I have to practice to walk in them. I am not sure yet if I shall modify them, but we'll see!

I shall be writing more drag blogs soon, well, tonight actually. The first two blogs will be about who has inspired me to the core, and thanks to these two, I am the person who I am today. Eventhough I haven't exactly chosen the same style as they have. They are, of course Leigh Bowery and Divine.

That's about it for this short update, please stay tuned for mooar!

(Christ, this blog was so dry, in every aspect.. Someone, quick! Make me moist!)
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