Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Vagina part 2

Okay betch, this blog will be one of those, ranting blogs, mkay?

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with a close friend of mine and of course with my new LV bodybag. (Aka weekend bag) And as I was waiting for my friend, two skanky emo girls stopped right infront of me and started staring like fatty seeing cupcakes. Eyeing me, my bag, and then me again, I was like, ' take a picture? ' They still kept looking and I was like seriously now? After a while they moved on, and then, wait for it! A girl who thought she was just beyond fashion and kept shouting out her amazing chocolate bar diet! After she saw my bag, she looked at me if I was like trash. And that enough for me, I shouted at my friend ' let's go, these shady bitches are getting on my nerves '

I was so tempted to shout at her and say gurl, it aint my fault a person like yourself cannot afford a bag like this, okay? But I'm a lady! So alas, I didn't say anything. So we went to the cashier and all that, and as I was walking to the ATM, these two cunts re-appeared infront of me and tried walking over me, and at this point, I swore at them. ^_^ But wait, this is still not over!!

At the ATM, I was taking out cash, a woman behind me kept sighing overly loud and of course in the most fake way possible. As I walked towards her, (she kept looking at my LV) I said, if I hear you sigh one more time, I will smack you with my bag. After that I went to buy some Rosé wine for myself.

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