Monday, July 11, 2011

Vagina On a Three-way Call

I finally recieved my shoes for my amazing trip to Helsinki later this month. I began to get nervous about it getting lost in the mail, but thankfully a.. not so moist mailwoman brought it to the door just 30 minutes ago. I do have to say, gurl, the shoes are just beyond amazing, only thing though is I have to practice to walk in them. I am not sure yet if I shall modify them, but we'll see!

I shall be writing more drag blogs soon, well, tonight actually. The first two blogs will be about who has inspired me to the core, and thanks to these two, I am the person who I am today. Eventhough I haven't exactly chosen the same style as they have. They are, of course Leigh Bowery and Divine.

That's about it for this short update, please stay tuned for mooar!

(Christ, this blog was so dry, in every aspect.. Someone, quick! Make me moist!)


  1. Tuli jotenki mm. Sinä mieleen tästä sivustosta mihin törmäsin: ;3 Toivottavasti piristää!

  2. AI KIITOS <3 tämähän vasta piristi!!

  3. Toivottavasti toi ei ollut sarkasmia, koska se on musta hyvä asia et tulit siit mieleen! :D

  4. Ei tietenkään! ilahduin kyllä kivasti, ja olin kyllä sen tarpeessa, joten kiitos.

    (huomasin nyt vasta ett toi kyllä kuulosti tosi sarkastiselta..)


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