Saturday, January 12, 2013

fat girl in heel less shoe [sic]

 Yep, another search keyword title! Quite a few people came across my blog by searching this. Do I really look like a fat girl?

A few days back, I went shopping. Good old shopping! I saw yet again this mickey mouse t-shirt at Zara, and, well, it is quite psychedelic, and I love it. So therefore I just had to buy it. What do you think? Also my new Marilyn Monroe tattoo can be seen. It is not finished yet, so I will be doing a blog entry just about my tattoo later.

What a flattering photo.

And later on, I moved towards Stupido Records shop, I had ordered Fever Ray's album there, and it was such a pain to even get this record, rude customer service etc. So as I went to look for the LP, thank god it had arrived. Now I don't have to visit that place anymore. There's plently of other shops in Helsinki.

Fever Ray - Fever Ray

Few days later, I went on a long, horny and erotical coffee date with my close friend Tuuli. We haven't had the chance to meet before or after christmas because we both were so busy, and the fact that I was ill for over a week. We went to Fazer's to have coffee and tea. I recieved this absolutely adorable cupcake soap from The Soap Boutique. Isn't it just cute?! I don't know if Tuuli was hinting that I should shower more often or what...

Today, I woke up to THIS. A trashbag thrown in MY f*cking garden. Thank you neighbour, was a pleasure to clean the mess up, especially when I just woke up. If I will find out who did this, I will personally deliver your trash to your door.

Anyway, after cleaning up the shit, I went to Subway to eat breakfast with my best squirrelfriend Joni. We had quite a lot of fun, like really. I think I'll write a blog about that later! But before that, look at this photo below. Two girls walked infront of us, and then.. One of the girls had.. Something between her legs. Someone's on their periods?

I'm SUCH a stalker.


  1. Chubber ha ha
    Rubbish in their garden secretly thrown in yer bin ~boils my blood grrr
    Nice tatt ~shit angle to show it ; )
    And you just let her walk on down the road ~shocking

    1. As I said, there will be a blog about my tattoo later on.


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