Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfumed cunt

Yes! Yet another search keyword title!

So, I went shopping today with my boyfriend, and we both were looking for some new electronical gadgets for our gamer computers! I finally managed to find a mouse which is f*cking amazing. Look at it! Fierce! The mouse is by Cyborg, and the model is R.A.T 3.  (link to their website) It has a 2 year warranty as well, so it is pretty bad arse. Kindly read more about their products on their website, especially if you're into the cyborg themed stuff. I really have nothing negative to say about the mouse, it is just, perfect. I already played World of Warcraft with it, and soon I'll try it out with Unreal Tournament 3. (Yes, I am quite a bad ass chick with a dick.)

I later on, just by 'accident' stumbled into The Body Shop. (They had a huge sale going on.) So I bought this Olive shower gel, can't wait to try it out. It smells deliciously orgasmic! I also know it will make my skin soft as a baby's butt, so yay.
What else, well, there was a crazy lady on the tram today, so we actually got off, switched to another because I couldn't stand her nonsense talking. Gave me a dreadful headache! Oh, and on a sidenote, girls, a handbag isn't a person, so out of your humble kindness, put it on your lap so others can sit as well. Especially for those who'm are pregnant or elderly. I already quite loudly pointed out that the overly painted girl has an imaginary friend sitting right next to her. Chew on that, twat.


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