Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Illness and desperate queefs

So, I'm ill. FUN! Been ill for 5 days now, and now I'm finally feeling better, but still, so freaking annoying. It is such a lovely weather outside and I'm stuck inside, watching movies and eating. Boyfriend is at University currently so I'm all alone! ALONE! BAH! So I've been reading a book about the final years of Marilyn Monroe (by Keith Badman) and all I have to say, it is absolutely brilliantly written and researched. I warmly recommend to all Marilyn fans! What else has been going on, well nothing really, except drinking a lot of tea!

Hospital trip!
Feat. Boyfriend's leg.
The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe

So, as promised, here is a photo of me wearing my JUMPIN! I've been wearing it every night since I got it. It is just so comfy and warm and all that smexy stuff! They are quite pricy, but worth it! I start to sound like one of those saleswomen? JUMPIN KINDLY CONTACT ME -wink hint wink-

Natural Vs. Photoshop. 
DAMN I'm skilled. 

Make-up used: 

Clarins - Copper shimmers 04
Clarins - Shine stopper 10 beige transparent
Dior - Fond De Taint  202
MAC - Carbon
GOSH - 12 Aqua
Maybelline - Intense XXL Volume + Length

I finally managed to find a use for the extremely shitty GOSH eyeshadow! I wanted to play around with more natural look (As natural as it can get with a gal like me that is) I decided to put the eyeshadow underneath my lower lashline. and BAM! gorgeous.

Blush and contour done, used colours from my 120-Palette. And lashes are from eBay! Love those 99cent lashes gurlfriend.

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