Friday, September 7, 2012

My Barfday & KAYA Fan meeting

So, my birthday (aka barfday) was on August 20th, and I turned 69 years old, for the fifth time this year. My boyfriend took me on a long nice walk in a park. It was truly wonderful! If you exclude the hobos. Then he took me shopping! He knew I wanted a ONEPIECE and a Alexander McQueen scarf, so he asked me to choose which one I'd want. After a long thought, I wanted the ONEPIECE. Oh and by the way, big f*ck you to ONEPIECE, update your f*cking information. Thank you. So after searching for the shop which isn't there anymore, we decided to go to the JUMPIN shop instead (webshop), they were so kind and helpful there so thank you! I love my JUMPIN onepiece. I am wearing it right now! I'll be posting some cute kawaii photos of myself later on. I recieved a few days later a such a wonderful gift from my gorgoeus friends Tuuli and Ásta. I have been trying to find the coat everywhere, and they kindly, got it for me for my barfday, so thank you very much indeed.

On 25th of August (Yes, I'm fucking late with this blog!) KAYA came to Finland to meet his fans, and gurlfriend, I have waited for this day for 6 long years. He has tried numerous times to come and do a live show in Finland but as the JaME and J-Rock Suomi never bothered to respond to his mails, he never had the chance to come. (I have discussed with KAYA himself about this matter, so a big f*ck you to J-Rock Suomi) As I suspected, the staff there told us that KAYA would only sign items which were bought at the meeting. Well, I didn't obey their f*cked up rules, so as I was waiting for my turn with my roses in right hand,  and the KAYA CD and SCHWARZ STEIN DVD in the other, I, as a sneaky tranny, put my RUDOLF STEINER demotape underneath them to hide it. (Since, yet again, the f*cktards looked what you brought up on stage.) I talked with KAYA, and in the middle, I kindly asked if he could sign the demotape, in shock and awe that I had the demotape, he kindly signed it. I didn't let any kind of J-Rock Suomi tards ruin my day, so I did I had to do. (Ironically, after the meeting, they posted on their facebook page about trying to get KAYA to do a live show in Helsinki. Really? Who are you going to fool? I know exaclty what you guys are all about.) Anyway, it was a perfect day, I had two of my close friends with me that day.

 Anyway, toodles for now! x

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