Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blow-white Vagina

More shopping!

I have for a while been hunting for a white, yes a white eyeshadow. And I think I have found the right one for now. I decided to check out Make up Store's eyeshadows at the same time I went to buy some hair spray. They had the whitest of white, not overly pigmented, just perfect. I won't be using it as an eyeshadow though, more as a contour. I am so pale, so it is quite difficult to find contour colours for myself.

Now my both contour colours are by Make up Store! So yay! The White is completely matt, but Moonstone has shimmer in it, glitter!
Also all my blue eyeshadows are by them. I wish I had more by them though, I have started to like Make up Store more and more. I wish they didn't have such idiotic sellers though at their stores, I cannot stand girls who think they know all about make up when they look like oompa loompas.

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