Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday brunch shopping!

Me, shopping? Well I never!
So, I went shopping, wasn't looking for anything in particular, so just wandered around and decided to check out if Alexander McQueen has anything new. On my birthday, my husband asked me if I wanted a scarf by McQueen, or if I wanted the JUMPIN, I chose the JUMPIN, because it wasn't scarf season yet! So I just thought I'd go and get it later, well suprise, they never restocked them at Stockmann. Anyway, to my suprise, they just had added some new clothes, AND with my size! So I bought a black tank top. They had it in white as well, but hmm, I prefer the black one. I also looked at Versace, found a few cute shirts, and guess what? NOT IN MY SIZE. Why is there always only one S-size? Gah.

I also bought my second glass skull (The red one) by Kosta Boda. 'Still Life Skull' is designed by Ludvig Löfgren. I intend to collect all four colours! They come in Green, red, purple and clear. I also collect Kosta Boda's brick series. I'll be writing about the brick design later on. I just love love these skulls, ridiculously amazingly cozy. Löfgren has also designed solid skulls with top hats in three different colours, blood, absinth and opium. Will be getting the Absinth soon as well.

Until next time, FUCKINA XXO

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