Friday, December 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton and Chanel

Okay! Now it is finally time for the christmas present blog! Sponsored so not by Louis Vuitton.
As for years, I have bought my mother christmas and birthday presents from Louis Vuitton, and to no suprise, I did it this year again. Only this time, it is getting a lot more difficult to know what to buy for my mom. She already has 5 bags, wallet, scarves, accessories, etc. by LV. So what the heck to get her? After a long discussion with one of the sellers (who was very kind!), we managed to find her golden&wooden hair clip at the store. I thought it wasn't enough for her, so I went to get something from Chanel. So that should do it for her this year! 

For my beloved Mother!
 And what would a Louis Vuitton shopping trip be without getting anything for myself?! HUH?! I was looking for a new scarf for myself for the winter, and god damn, I managed to find the perfect scarf for myself! The Cardiff Scarf in Cris Rouge. 75% Wool and  25% Angora. So warm! I just might go and buy the same scarf but in another colour. I love it in black as well.

For my beloved self

I am again returning to the Helsinki Louis Vuitton soon, as I am getting my christmas present. As my mother said " get what ever your heart desires " so I shall!

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