Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A tiny tour of my walk-in closet (Shoes)

So! I finally moved in to my new apartment, and guess what?! I have a freaking walk-in closet. Finally a place for my female and male clothing etc! HUZZAAH! So, here is a tiny preview of my fetish high heels. Do enjoy!

Left to right: pony boots(the other pair aren't included in the photo hence they are the same), 6,65 inch spike heels and my pride and joy, ballet boots.

More casual wear from right to left. Well except the 8.5 inch heels.


  1. kääk hallun nuo kaikki! yhyy mulla on vaan yhdet herkkumussukat :/

  2. NJJ ->

    Siitä vaan kuule ostamaan lisää 8DD

  3. Where did you buy your pony boots, if you don't mind me asking? :D I love the look!

  4. Dad4d~~ ->

    That is one of my little secrets, a girl like me is allowed to keep a few secrets, right? ;)


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