Thursday, November 17, 2011


Okaaaaaay gurl. I woke up at 5:40am to get ready to go in line and wait for the store to open, to get my hands on some Versace clothing! Me and my close friend planned on going together to the store, and when we arrived there, my god there was a lot of people. Like seriously. Anyway, we got in and ran towards the racks. My friend managed to get a shirt for me and I grabbed a shirt and boxers (oh how unlady like of me). After I got those, almost all the racks were empty. A few XL or/and L sizes were left for a few minutes. At this point, I saw a lady, who I might add, was not the cleanest of women. If you catch my drift. She hogged so many clothes, her hands were FILLED with male and female clothing. And she just walked around and kept hogging more. And then another hogger comes, a guy in pink and all that bullcrap. He hogged everything as well. I really don't get why they hogged this much. After a while, well I've been waiting for this to happen; two men started arguing about a studded jacket. fail. The other guy who already picked it up was just acting normal and all, but when the other guy saw him taking it, he started the drama. Saying the other guy has enough already of clothing etc. I almost felt like going to say to him, you couldn't even afford it, so why are you arguing? (He was there in raggidy clothing, so.. gurl.)

Anyway, I'm happy I managed to get three things. Eventhough I didn't manage to get two of the things I wanted. The huge Versace bag came with a gift bag, a sample of Yellow Diamond Perfume, and  notepad.

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