Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pony boots heelless boots pony shoes heelless shoes.

So, I've had a questions concering my pony boots, everything from how walk in them to where I got them. Plus, there really isn't that much information about these shoes, just merely about 'oh my god how can she/he walk in those?!'.  So here is a blog which will hopefully answer your question/s.

There are actually different types of pony boots out there:

The fashion ones we all have seen Lady GaGa and Daphne Guinness wear. These shoes are also called heelless shoes/boots. Out of all the types, these are the easiest ones to walk in, hence the heel support these shoes give. (For example shoes by Nina Ricci Fall 2009). Believe it or not, there's not a huge difference in walking in those and high heels. A good balance and experience with platform shoes is only required. There are a lot of designers who does these kind of shoes thesedays, so if you're one of those who shits golden eggs, you won't have any problems getting a pair. But if you don't shit golden eggs, where could you get these? (If you are not keen on making them yourself that is.) Well, there is a brand who makes these shoes, called Ellie shoes. And since I'm such an amazing Vagina, here is a few links. I actually like how simple they are, so you could easily modify them to anything your heart desires. Hence why I ordered two pairs for myself, they are not by ellie shoes though.

My Shoe Addiction
Ellie Shoes

The fetish ones are the other type, which are of course a lot harder to walk in. Since they are really not made for walking long distances in the first place. Well, some are, but still, in general they aren't. Mine are the fetish type, meaning, I don't have any kind of heel support when I walk in them. So I walk like I am tiptoeing, and if I don't, I'll fall flat on my arse. These shoes require a lot of practice, since you normally don't use the muscles you're using now when you normally walk. But well, beauty knows no pain right? *winks madly* I am not going to tell you from where I got mine though, since I am a selfish bitch. Well no, not really, I just don't want others having the same kind of shoes that I do. But on the otherhand I shall link you to a page which does fetish pony/heelless shoes boots. They are a bit more expensive than Ellie shoes, but these are completely hand-made.

Punitive Shoes

And these are mine to the right, and as you can see, no heel support of any kind. I really cannot wait to start modifying my other pair. I'll start documenting the progress when I get my fat arse in to gear! So I hope this answered a few of your questions. But if there is anything you're still wondering, please let me know and I'll try and answer your question the best way I can.



  1. Hi Nakki, first of all my compliments for your style, i love it!
    I'm very curious about your heel less boots... can you tell su some more about your feelings when you wear them, and what type of modifications you plan to other shoes?

    Thank you so much and keep up your hard work!

  2. >LatexDoll

    Thank you! Well, I wish I could say I have this fierce feeling going on when I'm walking in them. But the fact is that I'm so concentrated on in walking in them, I barely have any chance to think about anything else yet!

    I'm not sure yet how I'll be modifying the other ones yet. I feel like adding spikes and studs in to them (oh how so-not-mainstream), or just colour them. We'll see!

  3. In fact i can understood what you tell, walking with these seems really difficult as incredible...
    Anyway you are not the only one that love this type of challenge!
    I hope to have enough nerve to buy some heelless shoes in the future and try!
    I know that is a secret but... you really can't share with us where you have bought the shoes in the picture? They are simple and wonderful. The Ellies that you have linked are not as beautiful as yours!
    And if you really want to start a blog about heelless shoes... please count me as a follower!


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