Friday, August 5, 2011

I can't go out *fake coughs* I'm sick.

Oh yes, I was planning on writing blogs about my very therapeutical trip to Helsinki, but it seems like they have to wait for a while. When I arrived back to my apartment, I became ill. It is clearly a sign that I need to move to Helsinki! Which, I have been planning in secret. (Yeah, totally a secret now.) But, heres a tiny preview of my glamorous outfit for one of the night outs me and Joni had. Do enjoy! x

Oh and yes, my blog title comes from the most utterly brilliant Mean Girls movie.

Ps. Yes, my shoes are heelless, also known as pony boots. these were the ones I talked about, aren't they just fabulous? I will be writing a blog only about pony boots, as I noticed there's not really any info about these kind of shoes, well, unless on fetish forums, but, who would want to read when an old man wears these?


  1. Can't wait to see your prewiev of that time we had! ;D <3

  2. Loooove those shoes. ♥__♥ I've always wanted to try a pair like that. How difficult is it to walk to in them ? 8)

  3. @Jonna ->

    I will be writing a blog about the shoes ^_^ please stay tuned x


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