Monday, September 30, 2013

CUNT! Devotion! CUNT! Devotion Part 3

57 Vagina points for you know where the title is from!

So I celebrated my 75th birthday on august 20th, and boy do I have to say I look amazing for my age. My mother got me so much make-up for my birthday, I could start colouring my asshole with them and still not run out for years.

A huge Grimas haul, I have wanted to try their make-ups for so long, and finally I did! Quite pleased so far what I have tried. The foundations are so cheap, but they last! I use those two colours to contour my face. Did get a Chanel cream eyeshadow and lipstick, Dior lipgloss, Joe Blasco lipstick and cream eyeshadow.

This blog is late due to that I became very ill for the past month, so I apologize. 

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