Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A _tiny_ rant

Ugh, ugh ugh ughnughnugh. For fuck sake people, I've had it! Looking at for example Petrilude's or Michael James' youtube comments, there are some, very idiotic comments such as, " I'm a girl, and you're a lot more talented with make-up than I am!! " OR: " You can walk better in heels than I can, and I'm a girl! "

What the hell has either thing to do with being a girl? There isn't really a make-up skill chip installed in your head when you're born, or a manual on how to walk in heels shoved infront of your face at birth. So kindly, stop with the gender bullshit. There's loads of girls who are ten times more better fixing cars than boys.
Gender has absolutely nothing to do with those kind of things. 

Kindly, stop it.

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