Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pony boots & Modelling

Well hello there!

Yours truly have been asked to be a runway model for a fierce and talented designer. She personally requested me to wear my pony boots for the show, so of course I will be. Can't even express how excited I am about this, and knowing that I'll be the fiercest model out of the bunch. x

I also have been really thinking about how I'll be modifying the other pair of pony boots I have. I've got a few ideas what I'll be doing with them, perhaps I shall do a DIY pimpin' yo' heels blog!

And now, an intense pony boots work out!


  1. That's great! Make sure you have someone take pics of you workin' that runway!

  2. Where did you get these? I'm looking for a pair just like them.

    1. Hello,

      That is sadly one of those tiny secrets I shan't share, here.

      Sorry doll x


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