Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shaye Saint John

Ever wondered how it is like to have an acid trip?
(Without taking the drugs that is)

Well have no fear! Watching Shaye Saint John's videos for a few minutes will give you the very same experience.

Shaye Saint John was a woman who was horribly disfigured due to a car accident. She lost her arms and legs in the crash. 

Of course Shaye is a fictional character created by a very creative person called Eric Fournier, Sometime in the beginning 2010, it was announced that Shaye had passed away. There is a DVD released about the life of Shaye and Kiki (Her burned doll), The DVD contains 96 minutes of footage. Most people describe the videos as disturbing or sickening, but there are of course those who actually see the art and humour in the videos.

Hello again!

I do have to say though; these videos aren't for the weak-minded, and of course, they aren't for everyone. Heres two of my favorite videos by this fabulous person!


Patriotic Eggs and A Christmas Present Suit (Ooh-lala)

Shaye Saint John's YouTube Account

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