Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heel Height VS. Penis Size

What a great way to start a new blog, don't you think?

Yes, we all know almost all men lie about their penis sizes, but did you know, most women lie about their heel heights?

Ironic as it sounds, they do.

photo by Red Sky Photography

We all lie about things, dont' we? But why'd you lie about something you will get caught for in an instant? Men are, I guess, a bit more lucky, in this kind of a situation, they first will be caught when they flop 'em out.
Indeed 6 inch heels are very fashionable these days..-the real ones that is.
But I am fed up hearing and reading about these, imaginary inches on high heels.

I do have to confess, even a few of my friends suffer from this,
hallucionation of inches-syndrome.

So, to spare me from headaches and embarrasing yourself;

(yes, this applies for men, with tiny penises as well!)

And finally, I take time to tease, some of you feet fetish people, with my, hand-made Italian 6.65 inch spike heels. Do enjoy. ♥

Until next time, chu~♥

1 comment:

  1. I guess there's also the height between the front platform and heel too. It might be 6 inches on some, but if the front platform is 5 then it's kind of cheating XD (But I like platforms, so oh well haha).

    So glad you got the blog up and running, doll♥ May I steal your banner and link to you?


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