Saturday, January 22, 2011

False Eyelash Saturday!

Alright, today's blog is all about false eyelashes! 

What would girls and us shemales do without them!?
Girls, having a vagina between your legs doesn't mean that you automatically know how to pop on some lashes!

But I on the other hand, was already wearing lashes when I popped out of the womb!
An eyelash curler in my left hand and a Chanel purse in my right hand.
The Doctor looked at me and said to my mother;
'Yep, you are officially f*cked, congratulations!'

So lets get started, shall we?

Perhaps the biggest mistake I've seen, ESPECIALLY at beauty&make-up stores (besides people going crazy with bronzers and high-low lights.) is that they put on mascara AFTER the lashes are on. There was this girl who was supposedly a make-up artist, her big lashes was filled with mascara clumps and lumps. 

Always put liner and mascara on FIRST. Liner can be applied after to fix up some mess ups on the lash-line.

This is for those who wear HUGE lashes, please for the love of God, avoid looking sleepy/stroke look, okay?

How to avoid such idiotic mishaps? As you slap on the lashes, press down at the tear duct, and UP on the end closer to the ear. Hurray! Simple, isn't it?

And now, let's play a game, it's called 'Pretty-Self-Explanatory', shall we?
Eyelash curlers.

And as my last tip, false eyelashes unfortunately don't fit all eyes, how to make them fit your eyes? Cut from the end where the lashes are LONGER.

Ps. For those who wonders, the drag queen in one of the images is Miss Understood.

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