Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mutual Vagina

Hello yet again my yeti-vagina-friends!

My weekend was a complete chaos to be honest, partying on friday with my close friends, saturday ending up in hospital and on sunday enjoying Björk at flow festival, so let's get started shall we?

Me and my dearest queef-friend Joni decided to go out on friday to a gay bar. I didn't drink that night at all, only took one or two sips of my friends' drinks and that is about it. Was so much fun! The theme of the night was Madonna-Night but they really didn't play that much Madonna there (Thank you lawd jesus for that.) What else could I mention about that fateful evening? Eh, nothing much really.

Blah blah blah, saturday, hospital yada yada yada. And now! For the event I've been waiting for so long, I finally saw Björk live! It was her Biophilia tour. I went to the flow festival with a bunch of close friends already at 3pm and Björk wouldn't play until 9:30pm. So we hanged out, listened to shitty bands (yay) until Björk played. We decided to go and wait for Björk while Feist started playing, and god damnit, there was a german man who was so *** tall, I couldn't see two shits behind him. I was ugh, really? You have to be in the 4-5th row? Well, not that it mattered that I wanted to see Feist or anything, still annoyed me.

Anyway, after Feist finished playing, a few people started leaving at the front row, so I kindly moved foward to the 3rd row and stayed there until Björk came. She requested not to take photos or clips of her performing, so there aren't really that many pictures out there of the performance, yet. Here is the final song she perfomed click, which she dedicated to Pussy Riot! Everything was just amazing, this is what I've waited for so long.

It was absolutely painful to get home from the Flow Festival, not only everyone at the festival left, but all those who were at the Madonna live left as well. So Helsinki was just filled with people trying to get on busses and ordering taxis. I could have walked home, but my legs were screaming "go on the bus you whore" so I kindly obeyed.

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